Extreme S.A. was founded in 1986, in Thessaloniki. Its activity was first focused on the manufacturing of garments and their export in the European market. Following with slow and steady footsteps came the creation of EXTREME S.A. Knitwear, 9 years later. Based on its modern, technologically equipped facilities, the company is constantly seeking and creating thorough services, aiming at the satisfaction of the ever-increasing needs of its clients. It has been very dynamically forming collaborations with big companies abroad, such as Asos plc, Expresso Fashion BV, Wearhouse Fashion Limited, River Island clothing Co, Zalando AG, Street One GMBH, Kaipa sportswear GMBH, Designwerk, Hobbs London and others. In this way, it has established itself as an important company in the field of exports and European fashion. In its 28 years of constant development, the company has successfully coped with the demands of the market, as a reliable collaborator and as one of the biggest export units of South-East Europe. Our clients can rely on a unique business partner, benefiting from constant updates and direct communication regarding the needs and special conditions of each case. We continue to remain true to our initial vision, which we commit upon for our clients: to make economical products of very good quality.


The constant modernization of our production units is essential so that the production cost decreases, the quality improves and we can constantly specialize in new products of added value. We already create products of high quality due to our specialized staff. Therefore, the production as well as the delivery of orders is done with punctuality and professionalism. From the production and the export of the order from our system to the issuing of the invoice, all processes are done with precision and automation, as well as through constant updating by the responsible members of the staff at EXTREME S.A. The company pays particular attention to the quality of the garments it produces. It insists that the fabrics and other material used should be ecological products having quality certificates being free of any substance that could be harmful for the organism. It also cooperates with certified quality-check laboratories such as Q-TEX.


The company’s facilities are situated at a privately-owned building in the area of Konstantinoupolitika in Thessaloniki. The management offices, the showrooms and the designer’s room are situated at this building. The production and storage buildings are situated in Bulgaria, at the company’s privately-owned facilities in an area of 3000 square metres. Technologically up-to-date equipment (CAD) as well as state-of-the-art equipment for the cutting of clothes (CAD/CAM) is installed at the designer’s room. Concerning the production, the sewing is done with up-to-date machines.






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